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  • 29.11.2019
    Interesting reads
    Coenzyme Q10 and Degenerative Disorders Affecting Longevity: An Overview David Mantle and Iain Hargreaves
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  • 29.11.2019
    Intersyn AG @ SSAAMP, Zürich
    On Saturday, 7 March 2020, we will be represented at the 17th annual congress of the Swiss Society for Anti Aging Medicine and Prevention (SSAAMP) in the Metropol Hotel in Zurich.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our sales stand!
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  • 29.11.2019
    Intersyn AG @ Vitafoods™ Europe, Genf
    We are striving for more! From 12th to 14th May 2020 we are at Vitafoods™ Europe in Geneva and are looking for high-quality ingredients & raw materials, new packaging possibilities, producers, and many more.
  • 29.11.2019
    What is KANEKA Q10®?
    In addition to vitamin K2, our CareVital®Forte also contains coenzyme Q10 in the form of KANEKA Q10®. But what is Coenzyme Q10, also called CoQ10, and why do we use KANEKA Q10® specifically?

    Coenzyme Q10 is a valuable nutrient found throughout the organic world in a variety of plant species, animals and microorganisms. In the human body, CoQ10 is present in every cell and is essential for maintaining a wide range of healthy biological functions. In high concentrations, it occurs mainly in metabolically active organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver, muscles, pancreas and thyroid gland.

    One of the key roles of CoQ10 in the body is energy metabolism. That it is a major contributor to the conversion of nutrition energy to the body's own (cellular ATP) energy. Due to this crucial role, a lack of CoQ10, e.g. lead to a decrease in energy level and decreased endurance.

    The Kaneka Q10® CoQ10 in CareVital®Forte is currently the world's purest and most thoroughly researched CoQ10 ingredient available. Kaneka Q10® is fermented from yeast and is bioidentical, this means structurally and functionally matching with the CoQ10 produced in the body.
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