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Frequently asked questions
Below you can find answers to the question we get asked the most about our company, products and delivery

Where are our CareVital® products available?

We cooperate with renowned doctors. They are in good hands with you. In addition, you will receive our products in numerous pharmacies or directly in our shop.

Where are CareVital® products made?

Most of our products are made in Austria, the rest in Germany and in Switzerland. Our entire manufacturing process is ISO 22000: 2005 certified.

Where do the raw materials come from?

First-class raw materials are a must. The ingredients used are selected according to strict quality criteria. They come from certified suppliers from all over the world and are available in readily available connections. The Care Vital® products containing branded raw materials usually bear the logo of the branded raw material on their label. Thus, quality, production and study situation remain easily visible to the customer.

Why is my desired product not available?

We ask for your understanding if certain preparations are not available. We only source the best raw materials. This means that we are also dependent on the suppliers. We also have each batch inspected by an accredited laboratory before we place the product on the market. Thus, this process can lead to sometimes incalculable delays.

I have heard about CareVital® products and want to get you prescribed. How does it work?

It is best to tell your doctor about our products and ask him for a recommendation. Your doctor can get information about the products from us at any time.

Why are there different dietary recommendations?

The doctor knows you personally, takes into account all important parameters such as age, weight, nutrient status, living conditions and then individually decides on the recommended intake.

How do I find out which products and which dosage is best for me?

We can only give you product information for legal reasons. For treatment recommendations, we ask you to contact your doctor.

Are dietary supplements useful if you eat a healthy and balanced diet?

A healthy and balanced diet provides all the micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that healthy people need. In some particular life situations, people have an increased need for certain micronutrients. These include athletes, people in growth or pregnant women, but also people with special eating habits such as vegetarians, vegans but also allergy sufferers and people with intolerances. For them, it can be very difficult to provide sufficient food alone through the daily diet.

Is not the additional use of vitamins and minerals dangerous?

Dietary supplements have a legally mandated framework for the amounts of vitamins and minerals that can be used. The dosages and recommended amounts used are in the nutritional range and far below the defined maximum levels.

Are dietary supplements safe? Straight products from the Internet are discussed?

Dietary supplements in Switzerland are subject to strict legal requirements of food law (especially the dietary supplements regulation) and thus also food control.

High-quality supplements from trusted manufacturers are safe, even if they are purchased through a webshop. It is important to be able to obtain information about the manufacturer, the country of manufacture and the production guidelines. Caution: Many offers on the Internet circumvent the legal rules and are not monitored by the authorities. A good choice are dietary supplements from manufacturers, with whom you can also contact directly with questions.

How can you find a defect?

Increased susceptibility to infections, tiredness, brittle nails and hair? These are often the first signs that a defect exists. Visit your doctor and get clarity.

How good is the utilization of artificial vitamins?

Supplementation with supplements may be useful in special life situations (eg pregnancy). High-quality vitamins from dietary supplements are no different from those from food and are absorbed equally well by the body.

Can you also overdose?

Many vitamins can not be overdosed because the body excretes the surplus in a natural way. An exception is the group of fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A. Here, it is particularly important that the recommended intake is met.

What should you look for when buying?

Access products from renowned manufacturers. These produce according to high quality criteria and guarantee raw materials from safe production.